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    Promotional Model

    Consumer perception of a brand is profoundly impacted by a live in-person experience. A Promotional Model provides just that: face-to-face interaction with a product or service that accurately and memorably reflects the brand. These models are typically attractive in appearance, meant to draw in consumers via visual appeal and a charming demeanor.

    • Promotional models:
    • Increase product awareness by providing an in-person experience
    • Push for engagement between customers and products/service
    • Provide a live experience for visitors that leaves a lasting impression
    • You should hire a promotional model if:
    • Your booth will be in a high traffic area
    • You have samples or flyers to hand out
    • You require consumer interaction with your product or service
  • Event Staff

    Vonazon is your hands on Guest Services, Crowd Management, Parking and Security Provider. From Sporting and Special Events to Standing Guard Security and Personal Protection. Vonazon’s Professionals provide a full spectrum of services. Vonazon offers an individualized approach with each of our clients and each job we work because Vonazon understands that venues, events, office buildings and job sites are not exactly the same. Together, we reach a determination for the most effective method of implementation of our services in your venue, event, business or job site.


    When people visit your booth for the first time, they need to be guided in the right direction to get their questions answered. A Brand Ambassador acts as a receptionist for a booth, welcoming all visitors and handing out useful information such as brochures and product samples. They will also direct visitors to other specialists who man the booth and can better answer questions.

    • Brand Ambassadors:
    • Are warm and welcoming to booth visitors
    • Possess extensive knowledge about what the booth and brand have to offer
    • Embody your corporate image in appearance, demeanor, and values

    • You should hire a Brand Ambassador if:
    • Your booth is complex and has many parts
    • There are multiple teams being represented at the booth
    • You want a high degree of interaction between booth staff and consumers
  • Crowd Gatherer

    There's nothing worse than a product demonstration that occurs without an audience. If you intend to have a presentation at your booth, Crowd Gatherers will guarantee a full house. They have an irresistible charm that allows them to stop attendees in their path and entice them to watch your demo or presentation. They also assist with filtering the audience from their seats into the booth to get more information, and provide any promotional materials, such as flyers, surveys, and giveaways.

    • Crowd Gatherers:
    • Are booth magnets with attractive personalities
    • Make sure every seat at your product demo is filled
    • Wrap up the show by ushering visitors into the booth after the show concludes

    • You should hire a crowd gatherer if:
    • You plan on having live product demonstrations that require an audience
    • You intend on issuing surveys or feedback material that needs to be collected on-site
    • You need help directing traffic to your booth before, during, or after your product demo
  • Product Specialist

    Your presence at a trade show is often dependent on generating a high amount of qualified sales opportunities. A Product Specialist will help to scour the floors of the trade show and pre-qualify attendees before bringing them into your booth to interact more directly with your team and/or product/service. He/she is a highly trained and experienced trade show professional who will help to enhance the quality of your leads and convey detailed information about your brand.

    • A Product Specialist will:
    • Spend 2-4 hours studying about your brand and customer
    • Attract a high volume of pre-qualified opportunities to your booth
    • Focus on attracting a large quantity of moderately-valued sales leads

    • You should hire a Product Specialist if:
    • You need to generate a large quantity of sales ready leads
    • You want to fill your booth with pre-qualified individuals
    • Your booth is not in a high traffic area
  • Lead Generator

    The Lead Generator is the highest level of trade show floor professional. They establish relationships that convert prospects into “sales ready” leads and then into buyers, and personify your product’s quality and image. Their main goal is to find your customers throughout the crowds and enhance your trade show return on investment by providing more sales opportunities.

    • A lead generator:
    • Spends 6-8 hours studying about your brand and customer
    • Motivates, inspires, and keeps your existing booth staff focused and busy
    • Establishes relationships that convert prospects from sales leads to buyers

    • You should hire a Lead Generator if:
    • Your goal is to generate leads of high quality rather than quantity
    • Your concerned about missing potential sales opportunities
    • There are less than 50% of potential customers for your company in the crowd
  • Presenter/Moderator

    If you plan on hosting a product demonstration or presentation at your booth, you not only need a crowd gatherer, but also a trained individual to demonstrate your product. Professional Presenters possess exuberant personalities that actively engage your audience while conveying vital information. they are tacticians who understand the art of communication and uses their skills to take the trade show attendee on a journey into your products core message.

    • Presenters/Moderators:
    • Give flawless presentations of your company’s products and services
    • Captivate and keep audience attention throughout their demonstration
    • Convey your company’s message in a way that leaves a lasting impression

    • You should hire a Presenter/Moderator if:
    • You want a trained individual to give a professional showcase of your product/service
    • You want to elevate your corporate image and leave a lasting impression
    • You want to deliver a dynamic, memorable product demonstration on-site
  • Julie Ann
    Los Angeles California
  • Ryan
    New York New York
  • Kathryn
    Boston Massachusetts
  • Richard
    New York New York
  • Dane
    Los Angeles California
  • Anna
    Los Angeles California
  • Jakub
    Chicago Illinois
  • Sukuma
    Las Vegas Nevada
  • stephanie
    Las Vegas Nevada
  • rachelle
    Chicago Illinois
  • Ruvi
    Los Angeles California
  • Mickaiayla
    Seattle Washington
  • Faith
    Los Angeles California
  • Aziza
    San Francisco California
  • Brianna
    Atlanta Georgia
  • Christina
    Los Angeles California
  • Marie Claire (MC)
    San Diego California
  • Rosy
    Chicago Illinois
  • Adrianna
    Chicago Illinois
  • Kelli
    Los Angeles California
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  • AACD 2015

    AACD 2015

    May 7-9, 2015 | San Francisco, CA   Join AACD for the 31st Annual Scientific Session, which will take place in San Francisco at the Moscone West Convention Center. Members will have access to hands-on workshops and lectures, stellar social events, and so much more. The AACD's focus on comprehensive cosmetic dentistry is second to none. Meet some of the world's brightest and most progressive dental professionals! See all of the latest and greatest dental technologies the world's most innovative vendors have to offer. AACD knows how to throw a fantastic party.Vonazon is the top provider of AACD 2015 trade show staff.   To search for AACD 2015 trade show staff go to or review the list below.   Expo Hours:  

    Thursday, May 7 | 11:00 am - 7:00 pm Friday, May 8 | 11:00 am - 7:00 pm Saturday, May 9 | 9:00 am - 2:00 pm

      Vonazon is the only staffing agency that certifies our staff and guarantees that they will be on-time, engaging, and extremely professional.  Our agency was ranked by the staff themselves as the # 1 agency to work for and by our clients as having the most intellectually capable and professional team.   If you have not yet worked with professional staff you should really give it a try.  First, the cost associated to having our local Pro-Staff as a part of your team is much less expensive then staff salary, travel, hotel, and per-diem.  In addition, our staff will learn detailed information about your product and services and will intelligently convey enough relevant information to get the attendee engaged in your business.  Last but certainly not least, they are extremely experienced and their only motivation is to ensure your company's success on the trade show floor.   Here are some of the staffing titles available for this event:  

    Presenter, Narrator, & Emcee Lead Generator Product Specialist Crowd Gatherer Reception & Hostess Brand Ambassador Trade Show Model Bi-Lingual & Multi-Lingual Spokesperson

      Let’s connect. Call us Toll Free at (800) 600 – 7007 | (818) 357 – 5400 | |  
  • AdTech San Francisco 2015

    AdTech San Francisco 2015

    May 20-21, 2015 | San Francisco, CA   Take your business to the next level with the right tools, technology and education as well as networking opportunities to connect with old and new business partners at AdTech San Francisco on May 20-21, 2015! Join thousands of marketing and technology professionals from all over the world learn, interact and network with digital marketing's best and brightest at AdTech. Breakout sessions and keynotes are led by the industry's top professionals in topics while exhibitors on the expo floor offer solutions to the digital marketer's every day challenges and showcase the latest in interactive, innovative technology. Vonazon is the top provider of AdTech San Francisco 2015 Trade Show Staff.   To search for NAMM 2015 trade show staff go to or review the list below.   Expo Hours:  

    Wednesday, May 20 | To be announced Thursday, May 21 | To be announced

      Vonazon is the only staffing agency that certifies our staff and guarantees that they will be on-time, engaging, and extremely professional. Our agency was ranked by the staff themselves as the # 1 agency to work for and by our clients as having the most intellectually capable and professional team.   If you have not yet worked with professional staff you should really give it a try. First, the cost associated to having our local Pro-Staff as a part of your team is much less expensive then staff salary, travel, hotel, and per-diem. In addition, our staff will learn detailed information about your product and services and will intelligently convey enough relevant information to get the attendee engaged in your business. Last but certainly not least, they are extremely experienced and their only motivation is to ensure your company's success on the trade show floor.   Here are some of the staffing titles available for this event:  

    Presenter, Narrator, & Emcee Lead Generator Product Specialist Crowd Gatherer Reception & Hostess Brand Ambassador Trade Show Model Bi-Lingual & Multi-Lingual Spokesperson

      Let’s connect. Call us Toll Free at (800) 600 – 7007 | (818) 357 – 5400 | |  
Featured Talent
Julie Ann
MODEL - ACTRESS - DANCER - HOST - SINGER This cute, bubbly blonde from the small town of Adelaide, Australia is making her mark in Hollywood! Julie Ann is a fun loving, adventurous, strong willed Aussie girl who is also a self confessed workaholic!! Her parents were Polish immigrants who escaped communism in Poland and moved to Australia for a bet...
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What others are saying
The Vonazon team was great.  Even with an unorthodox trade show schedule they were able to provide a staffing solution that fulfilled our requirements and exceeded our expectations.  They helped us to provide brand awareness and managed to pack our VIP event.  During the event they were helpful, capable, professional, and friendly.  We would highly [...]
Working the last eight years, supplementing my fitness business with the occasional modelling job has taught me a lot and shown me that working trade shows and conventions is something I really enjoy and would like to do full time so, in 2012 thats exactly what I did. I have spent the last year travelling from city to city working primarily medical co...
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What others are saying
“I am writing to thank you for making the Oracle OpenWorld show such a success for Imex. Attendance at the show was down from the prior year, but we still managed to double the number of leads, and with much higher quality. There’s no doubt that the Vonazon team was a large factor in the [...]
I have been working in the promotional industry for over 7 years! In that time I have worked with a wide array of companies, industries and events. I believe that a positive outgoing attitude makes all the difference in making a lasting impression with consumers and selling the product at hand. I have represented companies including: Patron, Budwei...
View Kathryn's Profile
What others are saying
Vonazon’s processes and services have helped us to increase our trade show presence.  Each staff member we hire is better than the last and continues to exceed our expectations.  Sara was super polished, extremely prepared, had an awesome personality, and worked as an integral part of our team.  In fact she was so great that [...]
Richard has always been known as the “jack of all trades”. Coming from Toronto, Canada Richard is known as a child actor appearing in television shows like Degrassi High, Kids in the Hall, and a few Nationally aired commercials. He has always had the love for the arts. Richard was also a professional dancer dancing for the NBA Toronto Raptors Da...
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What others are saying
Exhibiting at Collaborate was a resounding success with Vonazon by our side, especially compared to last year. Nicola in particular did an excellent job as a knowledgeable, engaging, and professional staffer who easily picked up on the key words about our business and turned that into an effective way to convey our technical information to [...]
I am a trained film actor. I'm half-Australian, but have lived in the states most my life. I could totally go pro in video games.
View Dane's Profile
What others are saying
Thanks to Vonazon, Sesame Software generated 700 leads (our best ever) at Dreamforce 2012.  Crystal was a talented promotional model whose stunning looks, poise, and engaging conversations actively drew people into our booth.  Thank you Vonazon and Crystal for turning our prospects over to our sales staff so smoothly and making our Dreamforce booth the [...]
Anna was born and Raised in Southern Arizona, just outside of Tucson. She attended the University of Arizona where she received her BA in Theater with a Minor in Music cum laude (3.7 gpa). Since graduating she moved to Los Angeles where she has been working as an actress, producer and stunt woman in various independent films as well as a professiona...
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What others are saying
We could not have been more pleased with incredible team Vonazon Agency recruited for our Macworld 2013 event!  Our expectations were surpassed by their sales expertise, product knowledge, and overall level of professionalism – we look forward to working with Vonazon Agency and the team again in the near future, and recommend them without hesitation [...]
Originally from Poland i came to the US and I instantly felt like this is a perfect place to explore my horizons. I am a photographer, handyman, promotional assistant, and extremely fast learner. I always commit 100% to what I do and do my best to leave very positive impression. My enthusiasm, friendliness and professionalism will definitely show...
View Jakub's Profile
What others are saying
“Just a quick note to remind everyone to consider Vonazon for your future booth staffing needs… Stephanie and her gals are THE BEST! You’d be crazy not to try them out.” - Leiberman Software
Sukuma has been in the events and trade show industry for over ten years. He resides in Las Vegas with his wife Beth and their two kids. As a trade show infotainer and presenter Sukuma works with fortune 100 and 500 companies to dramatically increase their traffic, leads and sales on the trade show floor. In this position, he utilizes his unique f...
View Sukuma's Profile
What others are saying
"We used Sukuma with amazing results. He produces crowds. He produces buyers. If you have the opportunity to work with Sukuma, jump at the chance. He will make you money."
Hello! I am Stephanie! I am a Texas Southern raised girl. After I graduated high school I ventured off from my small town roots and attended college at Texas A&M University. It was in 2006 that I began a college career in Spatial Science. During college, I participated in many different events and activities and thus began my interest in promotion...
View stephanie's Profile
What others are saying
The professionalism of Stephanie and Vonazon are unmatched in the industry.  Always prepared, and capable; Stephanie successfully attracts, charms, and informs visitors to our booth in English or French.  Any information you provide in advance will be committed to memory and skillfully delivered.  When more technical information is required, Stephanie will gracefully hand you the [...]
Hello! I have promotional experience and I have experience as a model and a car show model as well. I have worked many events - restaurant expo, beer fest, car shows, etc. I have worked liquor promos, product promos, event promos, etc. I've pretty much done it all. I have also done high end fashion - runway shows, photoshoots, etc. I am bilin...
View rachelle's Profile
What others are saying
Kunjana’s extensive preparations paid off, and she performed beautifully.  I felt completely comfortable leaving her to host the booth alone while I met with people from other companies or attended scientific sessions.   She has set a standard for all your future booth staff. – Immudex
Meet cover model, spokesmodel and Bachelor's Degree holder Ruvi Bazaz. Ruvi has 8+ years of event modeling experience and is an expert lead generator and crowd gatherer. She has been published in GQ, Esquire and Sports Illustrated. Her clients continuously book her for her exotic East Indian look, unmatchable work ethic and positive attitude. Ruv...
View Ruvi's Profile
What others are saying
OUTSTANDING!!! Your work has been exemplary. Literally better than we’ve had from any other vendor providing the same service. Keep up the great work. - Cisco Systems
With a background of five years in the experiential marketing field, I feel I would be an asset to any company I am representing. I am an enthusiastic, reliable, resourceful individual, that enjoys constantly learning new things and interacting with new people. Having the ability to travel and be introduced to things I otherwise wouldn't have...
View Mickaiayla's Profile
What others are saying
“Mickaiayla is an excellent resource for event and promotional work. She has a firm grasp on how to articulate brands and services to the consumers and takes the time to research the brands she promotes. She works well with diverse groups in her industry and has great communication skills. Mickaiayla has an extensive technical ba
I am a Model and Actress with over 3 years of Promotional Marketing experience. I have represented clients such as Rent the Runway, Melo Yelo, Jim Beam, etc.. I also have strong leadership and organizational skills. I'm also very outgoing and am able to talk to anybody.
View Faith's Profile
What others are saying
“Your team were so impressive on the first day of the CES event that we needed to hire two additional product specialists for the remaining three days.  They were knowledgeable, professional, and were so extremely passionate about the product which in turn contributed to our overall success.  Thank you for your hard work and dedication.” [...]
Bonjour! I am a product specialist, assisting various companies thru brand awareness footprints to increase visibility and grow profits. I act as a liasion between the brand and target audience, qualifying and generating quality leads for each individual brand. My experience consists of six years spokes modeling experience and 5 years tradeshow experi...
View Aziza's Profile
What others are saying
Vonazon, your staff member ran the show for us which was needed at this event.  Highly experienced staff member which helped us to convey our message to a greater number of attendees. - PetLife Organic
I am very experienced and always prompt when I am at a promotion or representing a client. I would love to be apart of your next tradeshow or promotional event.
View Brianna's Profile
What others are saying
“Using Vonazon allowed me to keep my employees working back at my office and have a knowledgeable, professional team represent my company at CES.  The Vonazon team of professionals exceeded my best expectations. They were courteous, intelligent, and off course beautiful.  As the CEO/President, all I did was fly in, work, and fly out – [...]
I am a model, brand ambassador, actress and tv host. I hail from the east coast and moved out to So Cal three years ago. After receiving my undergraduate degree in International Business from Salisbury University I finally packed up and started out in my pursuit of an acting career. While working as a model, I'm honing my craft in television and ...
View Christina's Profile
What others are saying
Imanuela did an outstanding job for Immudex during the FOCIS 2013 meeting in Boston.   Imanuela was impressively prepared, very aggressive, and had great attention to detail.  At booth opening Imanuela was immediately out front smiling and scanning badges.  Her preparation was so thorough that I was completely comfortable leaving her alone at the booth while [...]
Marie Claire (MC)
A professionally trained multi-media talent with a very diverse skill set, Marie Claire is known in this industry for her dynamic- multifaceted personality and entertainment expertise. Currently residing in Southern California, she thrives in the trade show, marketing, and entertainment industries. From auto show narrator to national cover girl and tv...
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What others are saying
If there is one word I would use to describe Marie Claire Lemoine it would be engaging. I had the pleasure of working with Marie Claire for several corporate sales presentation programs, including DIRECTV and Coca Cola. In each case Marie Claire excelled at creating and delivering scripts that were both educational and entertaining
As an independent contractor, I am currently a Narrator/Product Specialist during the autoshow season for Hyundai. I have experience working for many different auto manufacturers as well as experience working many tradeshows and promtional events as a spokesmodel, emcee, team lead, event manager, crowd gatherer, product specialist, brand ambassador, e...
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What others are saying
“Rosy is a pleasure to work with and a wonderful member of the Hyundai auto show team. She is a consummate professional bringing both a positive attitude and strong knowledge of product to the auto show floor. Her presentations on the microphone are warm and consistent, plus she is bilingual which is much appreciate by our Spanis
I am 24 years old individual who has been in promotional industry for over 5 years. I have done everything from print modeling, to promotional modeling, and runway modeling. I have worked with major companies such as MillerCoors, Heineken, Three Olives Vodka, American Express, GQ Magazine and many more. I have done great amount of tradeshows where I w...
View Adrianna's Profile
What others are saying
“As advertised. Vonazon was easy to work with, professional, and got the results!!! We doubled our leads from 2010. This was due to several factors, but not the least was having a Vonazon Lead Generator. ” - Telesign
My name is Kelli and I would love an opportunity to work with You. I am bubbly, fun, energetic, and outgoing girl! I know I would be an excellent Promotional Model because I have a great personality, I am considered attractive, I have a positive attitude, strong work ethic and I can enthusiastically promote, sell, demo, and represent any product. I ha...
View Kelli's Profile
What others are saying
“I will NEVER use any company than yours for future needs so don’t worry – you’re in my book. Let me know when/how I can be a reference for you for other companies!” - Lieberman Software