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Vonazon Team

Kevin England

President/CEO, Vonazon, Inc.

It all began on the tradeshow floor. Like most great ideas, it developed from a simple thought; when Kevin England took a long look around a crowded exhibit hall filled with rows of booths and noticed just how many were lacking attendees, he thought of ten simple words: I can do this better…We can do this better. And just like that, Vonazon became a reality. As a successful entrepreneur, Kevin was a bit of a marketing expert. Having attended/exhibited at more shows than he could remember combined with his business sense and salesmanship, he began his quest to revolutionize the trade show industry, one booth at a time.





Vonazon Team

Jennifer Nomura

Director of Staffing

Jennifer Nomura, our Staffing Director, loves working with Vonazon almost as much as she loves her cat. In addition to being a crazy cat lady, she is the one person in our office who makes sure that our events are staffed with the best and the brightest talent in the industry. Besides being a staffing guru (and a crazy cat lady, did we already mention that?), she loves red wine, three day weekends, traveling, biking, running, reading, and anything with chocolate – not necessarily in that order. She has a degree in Psychology which comes in handy working with this group, and lives in Southern California with her family…and her cat.





Vonazon Team

Briana Beatty

Marketing Manager

Briana is Vonazon’s Marketing Manager and anomalous talent. She is an urban wanna be, lover of new technology, mother of a future astronaut, and zoo keeper of two rabbits, two hamsters and three goldfish. Her creative talents started at a young age and bloomed a bit more while enrolled at Loyola Marymount University. After Loyola, Briana had a fun stint working at Direct Partners, an advertising agency which introduced her to new people, big ideas and global concepts that helped shape the person she is today. She enjoys thinking up fabulous ideas with her colleagues and clients. She does not play poker, but likes the sound of the chips.





Vonazon Team

Larry Carson

Media Group Manager

Larry Carson is Vonazon’s Marketing Manager and all around technology guy. The one tech gadget he could not live without would be his laptop. He claims it is because it is so versatile and he can do so much with it, but we think it’s so he can continue to work from home or anywhere else. Did somebody say work-a-holic? One of his favorite hobbies to do is vlogging tutorials. He has always enjoyed traveling, but hasn’t made it to Europe, or Japan yet. Larry’s “money is no option dream car” would be a McLaren car. The car elves have yet to bring him one.





Vonazon Team

Remy Burnaugh

SEO Manager

Remy is Vonazon’s SEO guru and The Ultimate Gamer Manager. His friends call him Gambit, whose alter ego is named Remy in the Marvel comics. He is a cat person at heart but has a soft spot for all animals. Remy even used to foster pets until they could find a good home. It’s a lot of work, but totally worth it. When he’s not at work or with his loved ones you can find him fully engrossed in Xbox One games or eating sushi.







Vonazon Team

Roxanna Eke

Social Media Marketing Manager

Roxanna is Vonazon’s Social Media Marketing Account Manager. Her favorite activities include skiing in Mammoth and hiking in Yosemite National Park. She conquered the extremely strenuous Half Dome hike (that’s an 18+ mile, 4,800 elevation gain and loss trail) recently but her favorite hike is the Pohono Trail (a mere 13 miles almost all downhill). She is a very grounded, dependable and indulgent person, which is fitting since her sun sign is Taurus. Roxanna recently graduated Cum Laude at CSU Channel Islands.






Vonazon TeamGail Weinstein

Marketing Coordinator

Gail is Vonazon’s enthusiastic Marketing Coordinator. She is passionate about communicating and creating interpersonal connections both in the workplace and beyond it. She loves the outdoors and daydreams about future road trips in which she’ll explore quiet roads and forest paths all over the country. A former English major from CSU Channel Islands, you can often find her reading a book, watching a Shakespearean play, or writing poetry and letters to pass the time. She loves dogs and can’t wait until she adopts a puppy of her own.






Vonazon TeamBlake Hull

Lead Generator & Blog Writer

Blake Hull is Vonazon’s lead generator, occasional blog writer, and event creator. When he’s not pumping out thousands upon thousands of leads, Blake finds it especially pleasing to entertain readers with his writings in the horror genre. To Blake’s surprise, his work and his passion culminated when he discovered that there was a demand for more gaming blogs from Remy’s “The Ultimate Gamer” website. From time to time, Blake will write something that he hopes the reader will find very intriguing yet terrifying all the same.




Vonazon TeamSarah Cope

Accounting Manager

Sarah is Vonazon’s Accounting Manager and organizational guru. Her favorite activities include reading, spending time with friends, being creative, and all things animals. She currently has two dogs and occasionally fosters others, in addition to volunteering at the animal shelter. Her dream is to one day open an animal sanctuary.




Suzi Pratt

Social Media Coordinator

Ever the lifestyle aficionado, Suzi’s work focuses on all aspects of living a full and rewarding life, including concert and celebrity photography for Getty Images, restaurant and travel blogging for Gemini Connect, and technology themed social media marketing at Vonazon. She is an internationally published freelance event and entertainment photographer, online content writer, and social media consultant.



Inder Varshneya

Project Manager of Web Development

Inder brings 14 years of web design and development experience to our Vonazon team. He brings a unique set of knowledge and skills that includes an in-depth understanding of technological processes, structured methodologies, and working methods. He takes pride in his skill to leverage existing systems, manage projects, and design websites.



Amit Duggal

Director of Web Development

Amit has been known to take simple ideas and bring them to life. He details project features and prepares a scope of work in a way that does not require further clarifications and is ready to be used as a blueprint for the development team. His background in IT, wed solutions, and lead generations make him an essential part of the Vonazon team.



Jill Liphart

Technical Content Writer

Jill is an Online Marketing Director and blogger from Atlanta, GA. She is the mother of four rambunctious little boys and one teenage daughter, and enjoys her ability to work from home with them. She has a degree in business management and marketing, and has been working in the online marketing world since 2007. Jill is a self-proclaimed geek, and when she manages to have free time, she’s usually watching or reading sci-fi, playing Magic: the Gathering card game or plotting a way to head to a beach for a weekend.



Sal Khan

Animation and Multimedia Specialist

Sal Khan has been a motion graphics and post productions specialist, animator, and designer for the past sixteen years and is the co-founder of a website that is one of the world’s biggest suppliers of animations and design services. He has worked with major brands all across the world, and has completed more than 1,000 animations and videos in the last year alone. His skill set is expansive, mastering 15 different animation styles.


Hadley “HJ” Jones

Technical Content Writer

Hadley Jones writes on business, information technology and other subjects. From his base in France he also designs and presents training courses, and creates ebooks, workbooks and website content.



Mark Freeman

Content Writer

Mark is one of our passionate content writers, dedicated to always increasing the quality of articles posted. He is an avid gamer and lover of all things geek culture. He’s been gaming since his uncle Gordon bought him an Atari 2600 in 1990. After over a decade of consoles, Mark bought his first PC at the age of 18 and rarely looked back. When not shaking his fists grumpily at the younger gamers who regularly own him online, Mark travels around the world and broadens his nerdy horizons, simultaneously compensating for his chronic case of LCD-monitor-tan-itis.

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